Number 5 Video of the Week is:

Rammstein - Tut Dir Weh

Number 4 Video of the Week is:

ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man

Number 3 Video of the Week is:

A-ha - Take on Me

Number 2 Video of the Week is:

SlipKnot - 'Til We Die

Number 1 Video of the Week is:

Alice Cooper - Poison

You heard them all! Or skipped to the bottom - both are good. Why don't you go to YouTube and listen to many more? Or go to the "Home", "Blogs" or "Funny videos" pages.


Pretty self explanatory. I will have 5 songs, that you want, up on the site. Simply "Contact me" and suggest some more!

I would like to make it clear that I do not own any of these videos and I will only out them up if I have permission from the owners. I will take no responsibility for any infringement that may take place.