If you would like to report someone, please send your report to the box at the bottom. If you're going to report someone, please put in your message send some evidence of what they have said or done and please ensure it is in quotation marks ( "" ) so that I know it is not you being rude to me. Rest assured that we take any report seriously and will take the necessary action and you will remain anonymous at all times.

Anyone misusing this page by sending false reports or sending anything that is inappropriate, will have their messages ignored and they will risk being blocked if they send 2 or more inappropriate messages. You will receive a similar message to this message in the  E-Mail confirmation once your message has been sent. 

Report someone by filling out the form below.

Thank you for contacting us. I will inform you of what I have done as soon as I have done it. If you do not receive a message from me within 5 days from the E-Mail being sent, please re-send as it may have not been send properly or I have not got it for whatever reason. Thank you, your report can be used to make this place nicer.
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Go to the "Members" area via this link.


If your E-Mail does not match up with your account name or vice versa, you will be ignored, so be careful. 

Also, if you are reporting someone/ a comment that doesn't exist, you will be ignored.

If you can see that someone has used your account, you may report that here so that I can remove your account, however, you must say in the "Full Report" your password*, E-Mail and account name as it would verify who you are. If the information is not 100% correct, I will ignore it. 

(*I will NOT share your password with anyone and the report including your password will be deleted as soon as I have taken action. This is 100% safe, secure and confidential as is the case with ALL reports.)