Part 1 of 4: Ghosts rationally explained

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In this 4 part blog, I will spend each one talking about perfectly feasible, reasonable and rational explanations in to some paranormal events


Part 1 of 4: Ghosts rationally explained.

This will tell you about how ghost sightings are nothing more than optical illusions. I will also talk about auditory phenomena and how both of these “unexplainable” event can be fairly easily explained.

“I saw a shadow/apparition over there”. This is one of the most common things attributed to ghost sightings. Let’s assume for the moment that no suggestion has been given to the person who claims this as suggestion is responsible for most “ghost” sightings. There are perfectly reasonable and logical explanations to support that they saw no ghost and instead saw a mind trick. I they saw a shadow, it can be attributed to lighting. That is why most are seen by windows, doors or in darker areas from where the person is stood because the brain is trying to adjust available light to make darker areas lighter and the way the brain does that is by the brain adding light and taking it away from certain places which gives the shadow effect. Need proof? Get into a dark room and look near a door or a window and after a short while, you’ll see shadows appear and disappear. Then try moving around and you’ll see different shadows appearing and disappearing. What about apparitions? They can be nothing more than lighting. That is why they’re usually seen on things like balconies and stair sets which are lighter due to the fact that they’re usually the lightest as they are higher or more open than any other part of the building allowing them to catch more light. The reason why we see shadows as monks and apparitions as someone, is because our brain is programmed to acknowledge human shapes and features and monks are widely known as hooded and dark robes moving slowly and fully covered and that links well with the shape of a shadow which is often witnessed and people claim to have seen it for a few seconds before it disappeared because either the lighting has been levelled or the person looked away and in that time, it is unlikely that the person has accurately registered what they saw. Same with apparitions, you see a light burst, usually near the centre of your view, and that only lasts a second and then you have not enough time to register it and you claim it as a ghost because it was a vague human shape you saw briefly and your brain is potentially tired at this point, so you simply make it a human. Essentially, your brain is being lazy. What about “when I woke up/dozed off, I felt saw someone”. This is usually very common, thought auditory phenomena is more common. These are called “Hypnopompic” and “Hypnagogic” states. Hypnopompic is when you wake up, your brain is in a semi-sleep state and so your brain will partially think you’re in a dream and then realize you’re awake. This is actually your brain being fairly unintelligent because it can suddenly realize “I’m awake. What do we know about this place” and then it’ll bring up images and sounds that your brain associates with this place. It’ll usually think “what’s the most prevalent thing that I heard/encountered of the last day?” and then, if you heard of a ghost story linked to the place, or have felt scared of something in that place throughout the day, your brain will link that and then bring back those images and play them as real leading you to see a ghost or simply feel scared.

Auditory phenomena is common, but can be explained like this. Creaks and taps can be explained by the wood or metal cooling as the night gets colder and the metal or wood contracts and creaks/taps. Also, body heat can play into this. If you’re warm and the room is cold, you can make the room creak and crack and your body heat can warm up the area causing the wood/metal to relax and bend into the shape it is usually. Dodgy floorboards can also be a factor in creating auditory phenomena. If someone steps on a floorboard it may take some time for the floorboard to return to the position it was before the person steps on it, which is why most cases, It happens where someone has been. Whistles could be nothing more than a slightly open window, or involuntary human noises from the stomach or mouth. Sometimes, a stomach might growl which most humans may not feel and that growl may, if you’re in the mind set, make you think of a dog or a ghost and sometimes, you can find yourself making a groaning sound or a whistling sound without fully realising it which, again, you may associate with something paranormal.


Personally, I believe that there is no such things as ghosts, even though I have had many "encounters". This is likely because I am an Atheist and most Atheists are rational, and the rationality would drive someone to think of more natural explanations before leaping to the conclusion of "I can't see what did it, therefore it must be a ghost".


Thanks for reading my blog. Please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks. (Link to PART 2)

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