How I think Jesus' story could have really happened

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(This I think captures part of the political and social styles (a very corrupt time) and also the mentality of the time (everyone wanting to be remembered and famous. Hence, statues and monuments etc).


Also, it is a more likely story based on a more logical and rational view of the time and how things could actually happen in reality (i.e: how it could happen today).)


A while before Jesus was born, people wanted to come up with, what was at the time, an undeniable story to help make their claims that their religion was "the truth" and so decided to come up with a "prophecy" that the "son of God" was to be born.

This had been passed down through the generations and finally, the time came.


The wise men who were selected to discover, who they could use to be the "son of God", set out to the "prophesied" location in order to execute the plan. They travelled to Bethlehem and began their search.

Meanwhile, 2 lovers accidentally conceived one night and knew if they had been discovered, they would be punished (out of wedlock child etc). So, they ran away. Then, the baby was coming. They had to find a discreet place to have the child, but time was running out.

Mary gave birth, but her screams had been heard by the passing wise men and they went to investigate. They found what they had been looking for - a needy, young family who could be in a lot of trouble. Perfect for their plan, as cooperation would be hard for them to deny.


They offered Mary and Joseph an alternative to a life on the run from authorities and bribed them into going along with their story. After all, Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh would be an unrefusable bribe to 2 homeless people on the run, and claim their child was the "son of God" was a better alternative to having a technically illegal child.

The wise men, whose name no doubt carried quite a lot of weight, managed to get the people to believe their story and so the child was known as "Jesus, the son of God".


As Jesus was growing up, the wise men taught him magic tricks which he could use if ever anyone questioned his title. As "flashy" magic (such as: healing wounds and water into wine) wasn't at all common and/or had only just been invented, it would be known only to a few, very rich people.


Jesus gathered a following, but his best friend was Judas. Jesus one day felt comfortable enough to tell Judas of his secret (him not actually being the "son of God") and Judas, at the time, was cool with it (supporting his buddy).

Over time, Judas began to realise what was going on and how Jesus was conning the people, and began to question his position (let it continue or stop it) and eventually, tried to stop it. Jesus probably caught wind of this and thought of an opportunity to exploit this and turn it for him by claiming it was a "prophecy".


Judas felt guilty about the con and told the Romans. The Romans subsequently arrested Jesus.


Before Jesus died, he struck a deal with the Romans. A deal something like: "if you pretend to kill me on the cross, I promise I will leave here and never return as the "son of God" (like a Roman "witness protection" programme). The Romans knew they couldn't exactly get away with killing him as it would cause rebellions and so, prefered Jesus' option.

Jesus spent only a few hours on the cross and feigned his death, so that it would appear that he had died when in reality, he was playing dead (or maybe even went into a stress-induced coma). The Romans cut him down and hid him in the cave until everyone had left the entrance.


The Romans opened the cave and arranged for him to leave under a new identity. Maybe, Jesus forgot something in the cave and went back for it, but he was spotted. He had to think fast and the Romans were in trouble (rebellions and riots etc). The Romans agreed that he could calm the people and claim that he would return one day.


This allowed Jesus to live, the wise men plan to continue and the Romans could have peace.

The cover-up was successful (no doubt the wise men paid a great many number of people off to ensure it was successful) and the wise men were free to write the events in their own way, so long as it kept roughly along the guidelines of what was documented, otherwise, it would be suspicious and too many people to silence would probably disbelieve their story and/or challenge them - in such a contest, the wise men would lose.

Overtime, the cover up was forgotten and people saw the Biblical account as how it happened.

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