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Posted by caseyxsharp on December 9, 2013 at 11:40 PM

People don't seem to understand the concept that there has to be an uncaused cause for us to be here. An atheist will say God needs a cause but with that logic the universe had a creator too. For every cause there is an effect. Cause and effect are the same thing. Something causes any cause making what the cause causes an effect. All causes are effects and all effects are causes. The and in cause and effect means one and one makes two, if that makes sense. If there was always a cause and effect with no uncaused cause, the universe would be infinitely old which would mean that an infinite amount of time had to pass to be here and that can't happen.

The uncaused cause had an effect. Now think about this, that means that the first effect had no cause. Now think of this, if you were in the store and wanted to buy a jacket, you did not cause the jacket to be bought, the jacket caused itself to be bought because it is real. It's a choice. Here's another example, if I flicked a trash bin, it moves, but I did not cause the trash bin to move, the trash been caused itself to move. It effected me to flick it without causing me to flick it. Whether God or the universe, there has to be an uncaused cause.

If you believe in aliens, which I don't know why wouldn't you, think about this, their world had to be created to sustain life, then life had to form, then if evolution were true, it had to become complex, then there had to be mass extinctions and then after finally getting it right, an intelligent civilization formed, then they had to become an advanced civilization all in the time frame that we've been here, then they had to find us among the entire universe but even then the light from earth showing there is intelligence here and our transmissions to space wouldn't reach them possibly to find us.

3.85 billion years ago the earth was bombared by celestial bodies to the point lava formed all around the planet. It took fifty million years for the earth to cool for life to form but fifty million years after the bombaredment started there was already life. So the notion it took a billion years or so for life to form is wrong. There never was a prebiotic earth because the scales or records show us it has always been postbiotic. Life could have came from intersteller gass clouds. The problem however is there is no water or ammonia and without water and ammonia there is no origin of life. Life could have came from a rock from another star system. The problem however is x-ray and uv light would distroy rna and dna, the rock would heat up as it entered the earths atmosphere and the earth recieves a rock from another planetary system every 10 to 16th power years which is a billion times longer than the age of the universe. And think of the chances a rock that happened to come from another planetary system carrying life would hit earth. Even if it could, how did life originate in that planetary system? Origin of life researchers have already given up the idea of life forming on earth to solve the homochirality problem. They have already given up life coming to earth by a disant star. They have already given up life coming from dense intersteller gass clouds.

My theory that aliens predate the universe is more believable and even if that happened, the fact that the universe created two intelligent civilizations that look similar suggests that the universe knows what it is doing and that intelligence is behind it meaning God would exist.

Time does not exist. I don't mean space time because it's different and I don't have to explain why. The present moves into the past. It also moves into the future! How can there be a past between the past and present when there is not a past to the future because the present always moves into the future? Infinity has an end and beginning. It's not that hard to grasp. It ends with all numbers and begins with all numbers. So you can put time on a scale. The closer you get to the end the less future there is to go through. Go all the way back to the beginning and before the universe started, before time, it had a future.

You might not understand this but five minutes ago is happening now and five minutes from now is happening now so what you do now causes the butterfly effect and that's why. We just haven got to now or have past it but is always now. That's destiny. An atheist can't say the universe wasn't meant to be this way because scientifically we are here, it's cause and effect. Already must they say it was meant to be.

Another thing an atheist must say is they can never die. If I say I am alive in the year 3000, it wouldn't actually mean I am so how do I know I am alive now? Besides just because you call an apple an apple doesn't mean it's an apple because it's just a word. So if I can't know I am alive now, how can I ever die?

Side note, a condition for if God exists is if he had thought of it all, he would see all of it from beginning to end. He would see it all in an instant and time would be simultaneous as it is.

Everything that you think of does not exist, it's just your interpretation of it. You think you calling an apple an apple makes it an apple? The only way we can say anything exists, is to say our thoughts exist but if we say our thoughts exist everything outside of them does not exist, although, our thoughts wouldn't exist without the what is outside existing. The only conclusion is that everything in the universe is made of thought. Thought makes reality so reality is made of thought. After all how are you made of the universe, you be intelligent and the material you're made of not have intelligence? I know the stupidest thing that is half thought out someone would say, neural connections. One Lego block does not cause consciousness, it's like trying to say a bunch of Lego blocks created sophistication such as intelligence.

How did your eyes and ears develop to hear and see if they did not already know what light and sound looked and sounded like? Tell me there's a multiverse. Still doesn't explain how life was made. You can say cells got conditioned by stimuli then reacted to it but then think about this, if every time you pressed a button I slapped you, you would have to be intelligent to be conditioned to know that every time you press that button, I slapped you. Don't tell me it is all because natural selection and random mutation because there would be fewer creatures adapted to the environment and more creatures not adapted to the environment. That still does not explain how random mutation can get an eye ball right to see light. That's like random mutation, boom, now an eye sees light. Natural selection doesn't explain why it was a surviving trait. The creatures that couldn't see survived alright, all the sudden a creature can see light and not that intelligent organisms mate with it because it was helpful to survival? Doubtful.

If I'm making sense, that's because I am. If you say a rock doesn't have intelligence like someone else said to me, I will tell you maybe the isn't intelligent but the material it is made of is. If you tell me random chance and natural selection was why you hear and see, I will tell you then natural selection is biased for improvement which proves that the universe is intelligent.

Think of this, one in a billion chance of being hit by an asteroid right now give us a 100% likelihood that it will happen. To explain think about it, even the smallest chance does not mean it will not happen. Now think about this, there are an infinite amount of possible possibilities in our universe. That means that there are an infinite amount of reasons that we should not be here right now! Why are we on the side of infinity that we survive? Intelligence.

On days a disaster happens there is far less people one that one day and I don't mean after. If you look at the number of people on board the planes that struck the twin towers and trains on which was on coarse with another train, you will see there are less people. DNA recognizes similar DNA telepathically without any interaction between the two. You can teach monkeys of one island how to do a task and go to another island and it take far less time to teach them the same task because of mass consciousness. It's not that hard to believe, we know scientifically quantum entanglement can happen. you can show people a picture of a bunch of faces and they just count 9, but go to another country and show everyone every face in the picture while shutting down the network so only that one country sees then in the original country you go back to people start counting 30 faces. you can hook a plant up to a polygraph and it responds like a human. Then you have a person and plant on the polygraph. Then show a movie and watch how as the person's brain waves change so does the plants in the same way. Water has consciousness. Masaru Emoto has discovered it. I know more on this topic but moving on. People with organ transplants develop the same habits the original owners of organs had. Twins know what happens to each other on different sides of the earth. A blind man makes micro expressions unconsciously when shown a picture of an emotion. A young boy once ate salt repeatedly. Doctors of the little boy prevented him from eating any more salt. Later the boy died. An autopsty showed the boy had a condition where if he didn't eat enough salt he would die. How did the kid know to eat salt? Here's one, the double slit expirement. If particles behave differently around a conscious observer doesn't prove to you that our universe is intelligent, nothing will. What I am doing is not proving God but simply proving what we are made of is intelligent and I think we can all agree on that.

why does a story disprove the existence of God to so many people? Seriously cause that is the only thing that can be keeping you from believing. All science does is answer how and all religion tries to do is answer why. Science simply does not go where religion goes. All atheists have to cling to, to assert their belief, is the story of humans. If that's the only thing stopping you, I suggest rethinking your beliefs.

Think of this, God never had to think of the universe. He's all knowing, he would not have to think. I have this thing. It's a very strange ability. The best words to describe it is quantum entanglement but I have no idea how it works. Every moment in my entire life I have lived in a dream before. At this very moment I simply remember this from my dream.

I was ten when it all started. I saw the number 14 on an orange background next to a window frame and porch light as I awoke. I couldn't understand why this happened, it was so detailed. Seven years later standing outside my girlfriend's house I looked up and there it was. I have so many things to say about it. I know just by looking at a person my impact on their life. I can know the future but I dread doing so since just by knowing means it won't happen the same. If I here a story, I relive another person's experience. I can see myself through other people's eyes. I can see nearly anywhere I choose outside my body. Sometimes as I perambulate, walk, through my house I see myself through the walls and it seems it feels empty. I see it all. X-ray vision as a person explained being able to see in the fourth dimension is different than seeing through. You don't see through objects, you see inside of them. In a video game playing with other players I see my player through the other player's screen. I see eternity which is very vast. More of what I see will be explained later.

I don't try to say the bible is factual because it was written in a dead language for one by man which can misinterpret things even coming from the mouth of God but also was changed by the church which was corrupted by profit centuries ago. Whether what the bible says is right or not does not discredit my conclusion. Here is what evidence there is for God, psychics, Ouija boards, shadow people, they're not ghosts, I saw one but didn't think it was real except leaves moved beneath, search shadow people, ghosts, destiny, near death experiences.

I say the Ouija board because it told me the name of a girl I would marry, when we would meet and the names of two boys she would cheat on me with,10 years later I forgot about it and it happens just as I was told except had it not told me, I would still be with her, I found her in the bathroom with one boy and the other told me they do it all the time.

Christianity answers why we are here. Other religions had answers science can answer. Science does not know the answer why we're here and never will if God is separate from his creation. Think about it. Other religions believed there were Gods in our universe like the moon or sun which science showed why sacrificing to the sun God did not mean crops would grow. In christianity however, God is outside the universe, made all that and has no further connections unless he changes time due to prayer because it has been prerecorded and not an on the spot decision . There would have to be a reason that sets christianity apart.

Search debunking evolution. I have my own problems with evolution such as dinosaurs lived 165 million years and there were estimated 900 species we are aware of and an estimated 700 to 900 more we don't know of, these are not random numbers I pull from a hat, mammals exploded around 65 million years ago and already has 4,500 species. That is a lot of diversifying in a short time. Did all the organisms of a certain species decide to all evolve at once into the same new species over millions of years or did it happen faster because there is no fossil record of any half something half something else but then the evolution happens and the organism doesn't have anything to mate with because it can't cross species?

Evolution doesn't mean there is no God. The man that made the big bang theory was Christian and the big bang certainly goes against the bible. People could have just added evolution to there understanding of how God works but for some reason it meant there was no God.

There is no logical excuse why you are atheist. You can know everything of the universe but if there was something outside the universe that made the universe, then even if you know everything about the universe, you wouldn't know why that being made it. Science can't answer the philosophical why. The universe has no answers to give. What makes the atheist assume science has all the answers? What better reason will science have? A man made enigma perhaps.

For evolution to be true particles have to have intelligence to evolve. and I'm talking about the evolution where creatures evolve to survive. Does a creature adapt to survive if particles don't know they need to evolve? In a universe of no intelligence there is intelligence. Think about it.

Here's one, by random chance do you think it would have been possible to be a single celled organsim that develops into a complex life? Sure a single cell is complex but a human is more complex. It would be more believable for random chance to appear complex life first, stay that way, develop down into simple life or stay simple life than going from simple to complex. The universe is intelligent.

My book explains three things, God says he's thought, the books will be opened and he was dead and then he live. I don't see why people say he always was, it says right there in revelations. Keep that in mind for a second. I have seen the beginning. The alien's universe had a whelm made of nothing but thought. They hated it. All knew what each was thinking and one could never be nonexistent as they existed as a thought. Basically they chose to live or die. They wished to see what life was really like. They made the thought of God. They wrote books detailing his knowledge. When they thought of him he existed. They made the big bang. I was there. As a thought that is.

My teacher had an award for the most knowledge in history of history. Even he said out right that how life started was atoms started making associations so I know with this and all the evidence that this universe is intelligent. He said aliens dropped him here. I thought he was joking. Three months go by and he said again aliens dropped him off here. He likes the dessert and has driven over 500,000 miles. No one does that. He told me time doesn't exist and life creates life. strange. With my ability I saw them same aliens make a baby in the dessert, drop him off behind a green car a man had to change the tire on. He was around 50 when he was my teacher and I saw an old car from the sixties. Later I saw him picked up by those aliens and taken back to the same place I saw them write the books. That teacher no longer works at that school and I don't know where he is. If my theory is true, they would have known that car was going to be there and they might have done it so to have a piece of their creation that knows all our history.

More about the things I have seen. I have been in countless people's bodies through history in fragments of their lives. I have seen there are not two places, a heaven and a hell, there are three, one for the good people, one for the really good people and one for the really bad people. You don't have to believe to go to heaven, you just won't be in the part of heaven with God. Sin is not paid out in hell, it is paid out in a strange whelm. The more sin, the longer you stay. Everyone leaves heaven and hell to go there and after this there is a new earth which is paradise just like the bible says after judgment. The reason it is paradise is because you have already lived and are given a second chance to change who you are if that makes sense. There will be a tree of life. All sensory experience is held within its branches. After death while in heaven you will see a person's entire life just by looking at them. You see them as an energy orb while at the same time a physical person. I believe what I see because I see that as a moment passes so does the history the aliens have written and so does the memory I share with an individual in the afterlife. My book is placed on the right a shelf below the top. If God showed you what you had to go through to go to paradise, would you take it? It's not so bad, you will endure anything for a good cause I suppose.

Reincarnation was taken out of the bible by the church. After death when this process stops will you have the whole picture of you. Some go through more than others. I have heard a story of a man under hypnosis talking about his previous life. I saw him and that life but reincarnation is not my strong suit. I don't understand it well so don't take my word for it.

A psychic told me I was going to do great things, now here I am writing a book. Do we know we exist? No, that is the answer if thought does not specifically exist. How do you tell the difference between a dream and reality? Thought. Theists don't have to prove other Gods aren't real. Just proving God is real proves all others unreal. Even if you proved all other Gods wrong, you would still have to prove the one God is real.


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