How I think the universe was created (REPOST)

Posted by Gmac Webs on July 1, 2013 at 3:30 PM

(Repost of this)

I think I have got the answer to a question that has plagued science since science was given freedom from the religious repression back in... Well, whenever it was. I came up with this idea on 25th of November 2012 at about 11:30 AM while not even thinking about it. It simply came to me.

First, I will start by saying, I have genuinely NO idea how the universe was really created, this is pure speculation, however, I do believe that it is 1 POSSIBLE answer to how the universe COULD have been created. Hear me out! Also, I would like to add that this doesn't involve a god and that I will be using me, frankly, limited knowledge of science in the best way I can to deliver the best answer I can give.

What is my hypothesis?

Well, let's start by splitting the universe into 2 sections. 1: Spatial (Space, Energies etc) and 2: Celestial (Stars, Planets etc). The spatial universe may not have needed a creation at all, as space can't be created (unless something is shrunk) and therefore, space is exempt of a fixed size and shape. The celestial universe could have been created by the culmination of gasses moved around by the energies and collided, creating a star which created other celestial objects.

My explanations:

1 (Spatial universe): if you have a 10ft³ room with a 1 ft³ box inside the room. I then remove that box from the room. Have I created space? No. I have created space within that room, however, I haven't created space, as the box has only moved from 1 area to another, adding space in 1 room, but cancelling that out by removing space in another - so, therefore, no space created. Now, space is a constant and therefore is exempt of a fixed shape and size. Example, if I were to put my hand in front of my eyes, the space between my eyes and the nearest object is reduced, however, if I were to move my hand away, the space between my eyes and the nearest object would be larger. Therefore, space has no fixed size. If I were to make a hollow ball, there would be space within the ball (spherical) however, the space within the room would be cubular or rectangular. Therefore, space is exempt of a fixed shape too.

2 (Celestial universe): If you look at a nebula (the beginnings of a star) you'll see that they're basically gasses mixing together to form the star. These gasses begin to intermingle and then eventually create more energy (besides the presently stored and surrounding energy) and then formed a star. Once this star is shining bright, it changes the gravitational forces in the surrounding area moving the energies and gasses onto a different path and into others. Once a large star dies, there is a Nova or Supernova (basically, a massive explosion). The shards of star that get thrusted into space eventually cool, creating a comet over time, or if they get caught up into the gravitational pull or a "living" star, then becomes an asteroid. Once enough asteroids have collided, that can create a planet (from this planet can come the necessary "ingredients" for life).

So, to conclude, I hope that made sense and I hope you enjoyed reading at least. Remember, this is my hypothesis and it is based on facts, however, I do not claim that this is the genuine reason. If it is correct, then I would be astounded and will be able to say "Mrs. Barnes! Am I still "dumb"?" and enjoy the moment. If not, then at least it is better than saying "God did it, it says so in a book, end of", right?

Thank you for reading my blog, I may post some more soon. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it at least gave you something to think about. Please comment and let me know what you think.

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