GTA V Trailer 2 script (NOT OFFICIAL)

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Warning: Contains mild expletives! 


GTA V: Trailer 2 script. (NOT OFFICIAL). GTA V trailer here.




(Intro screen.)


Scene 1: Observatory. Showing the vast scale of Los Santos.


Scene 2: Michael's house. A Gardner in the far left, people on the tennis court and a Truck passing in the background.


Scene 3: Front Michael's house. We see his 9F (Audi R8) parked in the drive way. "Rockstar games presents" comes across the screen.


Scene 4: Amanda and Tracy are having an argument in the kitchen of Michael's home. Amanda hits the table trying to assert her dominance while Tracy is standing in a defensive manner.


(Dialogue though 3 and 4)


Amanda: He's not staying the night - he's a bum!


Tracy: (over "he's a bum") OH MY GOD!


Scene 5: Michael walks out towards the pool with a glass of whiskey in his hand and picks up and throws a leaf away, before he sits on the sun-bed and takes a sip. We can faintly hear the 2 girls arguing in background. "A Rockstar North production" comes across the screen as he is relaxing.


Michael: Yeah - I've been in this game for a lotta years... 'n' I got out alive (Long pause) If you want my advice: give the shit up.


Scene 6: We see a bridge with some traffic going across and a train passing by. "Grand Theft Auto V" comes into the middle of the screen.


Scene 7: A busy desert highway with some trucks (semi and fixed trailers) and some vans; a trading route.


(Dialogue through scenes: 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.)


Trevor: The guns and crank in this area, go through Trevor Phillips enterprises, or THEY AIN'T GOIN'!


Scene 8: S desert town, run-down. A drunken fight outside a bar and a drunk male stumbling down the road while an old 40's style car is abandoned in foreground. A vehicle from 50's era passes.


Scene 9: A man is stood in a river in a panicked/shocked manner next to a trailer (in river), waving his arms as Trevor points a gun at him in a dominating manner. Clearly, Trevor has beef with this guy.


Scene 10: Bar room. Trevor slams a man's face against the counter in a violent manner while people continue drinking, unperturbed by the event. Its a daily occurrence.


Scene 11: Trevor looking angry shouting "THEY AIN'T GOIN'!" at someone (O.C).


Scene 12: Trevor driving a Dune buggy though the desert on the outskirts of town at sunset.


Scene 13: Trevor throws a Molotov at a building with a grunt of force. We see a trail of flame (fuelled by Petrol) lead through the halls. From the outside, we see the house flame badly as the petrol ignites and Trevor coolly walks away.


(Dialogue from end of 13 into 14).


Trevor: I'll swing by and sign the contracts - alright - just, ignore the bodies.


Scene 14: Trevor is stood in a Gas station forecourt which has 3 dead bodies and 2 abandoned cars.


Scene 15: Sunset. We see a silhouette of a bridge with traffic moving across it and the sound of sirens faintly in the background.


Scene 16: We see a street with a Bus and a Train headed towards the bottom right and a car with some pedestrians minding their own business.


Scene 17: Franklin, Michael and "Lemar"? near Santa Monica beach area. Michael is sat on a bench with "Ballas" written on it (this area has history) while Franklin and "Lemar" approach from behind.


"Lemar": Can you tell me where Roberto Beach house is?


Michael (stood): Its that house right there. Yellow stairs.


Scene 18: Franklin driving a 9F away from a young male who is running after him to recover his car, but Franklin is going to quickly.


Scene 19: The 9F is speeding through heavy traffic pursuing a red sports car.


Dialogue from end of 19 into 20.


Scene 20: Franklin's house? He is stood with a female who is clearly downed while she says...


Female: I don't care how many cars you own - you ain't changin'.


Scene 21: A Police car is pursuing a Packer truck (Car carrier) through streets. 1 car (based on DB5) falls off, causing the Police car to swerve.


"Lemar": I'm gettin' my money in the hood - I'm cool.


Scene 22: Franklin and "Lemar" are stood near the boot (trunk) of a car.


Franklin: "Cool" what? Slinging dope 'n' throwin' up gang signs?


Scene 23: A blue car (based on SSC Ultimate Aero 2008) is speeding when it hits a Minivan (Based on Chrysler Voyager) causing great damage and it to spin 180, while being chased by a White car (based on Maserati GranTurismo S).


Scene 24: Therapist's consultation room. Michael and Therapist are having a quiet conversation.


Therapist: You're son, James... He's a good kid? (Michaels face says it all "He's a bit of a loser").


Scene 25: James is on the mast of a Yacht on the back of a trailer on a Freeway, panicked. A red car is driving to pick him up. He drops neatly into the back of the red car as it pulls away.


James: (faintly over the sound of busy traffic. Over start of scene) OH MY GOD!


Scene 26: Michael and son are sat in a car. A vehicle passes behind them (based on a Lotus).


James: 'K, let's bounce.


Michael (not getting it): Bounce...? We're "bouncing" now...?


Scene 27: Trevor is furiously stamping on someone's head, grunting with force, while on-lookers stand around helplessly.


Scene 28: Trevor is flying a plane (based on Cessna 310) when a bullet sparks off the roof area as he attempts to take-off. The plane proceeds to fly through a picturesque valley towards the sun.


Scene 29: A Vault door explodes open.


Scene 30: A different Vault door explodes with 3 people armed and masked ducking for cover.


Scene 31: A vehicle (based on Maserati GranTurismo S) drifts in to shot while someone (Franklin?) shoots out the window. A dog (Chop?) runs towards bottom left of screen.


Scene 32: A male slides across the bonnet (hood) of a car.


Scene 33: A dog jumps down from a bonnet (hood) and runs off and a male steps out.


Scene 34: Michael repelling down a building and hitting a window.


Scene 35: Michael wearing "Bugstar" overalls and a gas mask, smashes the butt of his gun into a Jewellery store display case.


Scene 36: Franklin riding a bike away from a mulit-vehicle explosion on a Freeway.


Scene 37: Trevor driving a U.S Military Jeep out of the back of a troop-carrier plane. He then jumps out of the car and then begins to free-fall.


Scene 38: Franklin is riding a Sanchez (dirtbike), with no helmet, through a wooded area in a race with several other people on dirtbikes. 1 male is riding a Quadbike (ATV). 2 of the males collide and fall off while Franklin rides on by.


Scene 39: Trevor is climbing up onto the roof of a train as it goes through a rocky area of San Andreas (Near Mt. Chiliad?). Another train appears and they both collide seconds after Trevor jumps off and falls down the valley (Same as 28).


Scene 40: Trevor, Franklin and Michael are stood next to a helicopter (based on EC-135?). Michael is introducing Franklin and Trevor.


Michael: That's Trevor, my best friend. That's Franklin, the son I always wanted.


Franklin (shaking Trevor's hand): Yeah, whatever.


Scene 41: 3 men are stood in front of the helicopter.


Trevor: Jesus, your therapist has a LOT to answer for.


Scene 42: A Jet fighter (based on F-15?) flies past and fires 2 missiles at a Police helicopter. and flies over it, clipping the heli with its wing before leaving shot.


Scene 43: The 3 men are stood next to each other. Trevor (on left) is covering his face. Franklin (in middle) is covering his mouth with his right hand while his left is rested on his hip. Michael (on right) is covering his ears. They are all clearly shocked at something O.C. (resembling "See no evil, Speak no evil and Hear no evil").


(Closing screen.)



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