Part 4 of 4: Paranormal history

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In this 4 part blog, I will spend each one talking about perfectly feasible, reasonable and rational explanations in to some paranormal events.


Part 4 of 4: Paranormal history. (Don't be put off by the word "history", this actually gets pretty readable.)

I will explain the history behind each subject in this 4 part blog.


Part 1: Ghost history. Ghosts and spirits have been around since the early Egyptians. The actual term "ghost" was only attributed to an apparition in the early 1700's where one of the first sightings was recorded (I know only bits about the story, but not enough to put here.). The publicity of this event took the world by storm and sparked the imagination of people world wide (much like the UFO sightings of the 1950-60's, but as there was only eye-witness accounts available linked to ghosts, they were harder to disprove and therefore had to be accepted as true.) There are many explanations into why people think there's ghosts and to why they see them. Ghosts, as I have explained in part 1 are mostly eyes playing tricks on you. The reason why people link this to ghosts is because it is unexplained and humans are all scared of the unexplained and what we don't know. This is proven by simply knowing about something can make you less afraid. For example, knowing something can't hurt you will usually make you approach it with less fear. Not knowing will make you cautious or even not approach it at all. We claim these things are ghosts because it allows us to make something known, therefore, allowing us to have it explained so we don't fear it.


Part 2: Seances and other "spiritual" phenomena history. This is an attempt to contact the dead and get them to perform acts for our amusement/entertainment or as proof of existence, though in part 2, you can read how they're psychological and not actually spirit contact. This started around the late 18th century and was one of the first ways people spoke to the dead (After this came physical contact such as possessions). This came popular around the same time as Mediums, but took more of a back seat as contact with the dead via person-spirit means was much more exciting for the people. This lost its popularity at around the same time as Mediumship, but due to it being slightly less popular, didn't fall quite so badly. Seances and Ouija boards had spent much of its time in the background of Spiritual contact until T.V's 'Most Haunted' (2002-11) brought its popularity back and made it popular. Though this was only for a short time as scientific advances had found out about Ideomotor suggestion and the sceptics among their audience had found out and put it on the internet, thus, breaking the illusion with fact. Also, the actions of Dr. Ciarán O'Keeffe in one of the earlier seasons, proved this was ideomotor suggestion by getting the people to look away while the ghost was spelling their name. The letters the cup went to were correct in quantity, but made no sense. (I did a similar thing as mentioned in part 2).


Part 3: Mediumship and psychism history. Mediumship (as we know it today) started in the early-19th century and became most popular in the mid-late-19th century, though, talking to the dead has gone back right through recorded human history. One of the first accounts of a modern medium calling on the spirits of the dead was a little girl and her sister. They had used the idea that they were talking to a spirit and rigged some items to move in order to get some of the things they wanted. This got the people interested in mediumship and provoked the world wide fascination with talking to the dead (the methods they used are still being taught today). Some years later, they finally admitted that they were fraudulent and had made the whole thing up, but by that time, too many people had found out about it and it was too wide spread that it was accepted as fact, and their honesty was largely ignored. The mediumship and psychism used today is based on psychology, as I mentioned in part 3. It was after the discovery of fraudulent mediums in the 1960's that mediumship began to deteriorate and become less popular as the methods used were discovered and some made public, therefore, bringing the answers and scepticism known today. However, Spitiualism remained strong and Spiritualist churches became more common as people like the idea of "channelling" became more popular, even though it is explainable by psychological means, none of which are spiritual.


This was the general history of the paranormal events, I hope you weren't to bored and were able to understand what I was trying to say.


Thank you for reading this blog, I hope to write more informational blogs. Please comment, suggest topic or write your own blog. Thanks. (Link to Part 1)

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