Part 3 of 4: Mediums and Mysticism/Psychism.

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In this 4 part blog, I will spend each one talking about perfectly feasible, reasonable and rational explanations in to some paranormal events.

Part 3 of 4: Mediums and Mysticism/Psychism.

This blog will tell you about Mediumship and other spiritualist things and explain how they're done. There is a perfectly valid reason that is not linked to spirits and, if you listen carefully, you'll see that Mediums actually use this psychological method which involves no ghosts.


Psychic readings. There two types. Group and independent. They both run on this principal. This is done quite simply but does need a few years of practice. You can tell a lot about someone simply by the way they look. For example, if you're wearing a plain T-shirt and trousers, you're likely to be a fairly introverted person maybe with anxiety problems. The clothing you wear can tell a lot about a person. Mediums "contact the dead" of your family simply by looking at you. If they say "Its your Granddad. His name begins with a "J"?" That will trigger an automatic response leading you to answer "Yes. It was James" for example. The other information will come from you as they will ask things and, as it is a natural response, you will answer them. For example, if they say "You were close?" You may reply "Yeah, we would..." and so on therefore giving the Medium information that they will later mention, but they way they lay it out it would seem as though they got it from the spirit when in reality, they're just memorising it for a time where you are not focusing on it. You may also notice that they repeat something. This is a common tactic that can speed up you forgetting about something you just said so that they can use what you just said and claim it as a spirit.


The other form of psychism is the location readings. This is where the Mediums will turn up to a building and then gather as much information on the ghosts as possible via the spirits that haunt that place. This is done by the Medium learning the locations history and then link the ghosts of the building to what they feel. For example, if you went into a dark room your psychology will react by wanting you to leave immediately. Humans are afraid of what's unseen in the dark. Your psychology will then switch to your flight* mode and you'll want to leave. (*your psychology has 2 modes that it uses when in trouble. 1 is "Fight" the second is "Flight". 'Google' search: "Fight or Flight"). If you force yourself to stay even when your psychology is saying "run" your mind will try and make you leave, so your fear may bring you to imagine something is there as soon as there is a floorboard moving etc. The other one is, if you're in a room and you heard there was a ghost, you may get a certain feeling that you're being watched. That feeling would normally be ignored by most people, but Mediums are taught to go with it. It is this feeling that is linked to their knowledge of the place they're in and allows them to link that feeling of something over their with a potential ghost. They will then try to imagine what that person felt like based on what they know or what they were like. This will allow them to seemingly accurately get what the spirit is like via "talking" to the spirits. Most Psychics would deny this but it is actually the way they do this but when learning this technique, they're usually taught that the subconscious is the spirit's way of communication when it isn't.


So, as you can see, most of Mediumship is unconscious or conscious psychology linked together to create the alleged psychic abilities. Mediumship is basically a form of psychology that is linking knowledge and paranoia that is affiliated with the locations, and turning that into something that is called "spiritualism" when it is in fact another form of psychology. Only intentionally or unintentionally fraudulent.


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope to write many more. Please comment, suggest or write your own as it will help me and the site greatly. Thanks. (Link to part 4)

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