Part 2 of 4: Seance, Ouija boards and other "paranormal forces".

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In this 4 part blog, I will spend each one talking about perfectly feasible, reasonable and rational explanations in to some paranormal events.


Part 2 of 4: Seance, Ouija boards and other "paranormal forces".

This part will tell you about Seances, Ouija boards and Table tipping and how there is a highly valid and realistic psychological answer to how these aren't actually spirits or ghosts contacting us at all.


These phenomena can be explained by Ideomotor suggestion. Ideomotor suggestion is a psychological phenomenon where a subject makes unconscious movements of a certain part of the body. Like the body reacting to pain, the body sometimes reacts reflexively to suggestion alone without the person consciously deciding to take action. For instance, tears are produced by the body unconsciously in reaction to powerful emotions. The effects of automatic writing, dowsing, facilitated communication, and Ouija boards have been attributed to the phenomenon. Mystics and psychics have often attributed these effects to paranormal or supernatural force which is, as far as the evidential psychology goes, untrue.


Seances and Ouija boards: This is done by a person in the room suggesting the cup should move. If you have taken part in a seance or have observed a seance (TV's Most Haunted is a good example), you will see 3 things. 1. The Medium needs to be present. 2. They say "If there's anyone present, move the glass". And 3. The glass will move to the letters of the spirit's name if 1 or more people in the room knows it. The reason why a Mediums needs to be present is because the Medium knows what to say in order to bring these alleged spirits to move the glass. If you listen to what they say, you'll hear the Mediums say something along the lines of "If there are any spirits present, please make your self known. Move the glass.". The words "Move the glass." is a command and will act on the subconscious of the people around the table and eventually, they will move the glass. Also, sometimes it is not uncommon for the Medium to move the glass first in order to get the action going. There is always at least one person who knows who the alleged ghost is. This is because the Medium has found the name before or during the seance and this will help the group get the letters of the ghosts name. The more people in the seance, the more chance there is of the group getting the cup moving faster as there is the higher chance of someone being susceptible enough. The other way this works is that someone will hear the command "Move the cup." and they will move it subconsciously, and then someone will feel that and subconsciously move it in the direction after being told to "Go with it, don't resist the cups direction". This is the reason why the cup can be moving for some time without stopping until someone asks "Can you spell your name?" and then the glass will spell out the name. The more people who know the name, the faster this will be.

There is a way of proving that ghosts do not effect the Seances or Ouija boards. If you get the people in the room to all look away from the board, you'll see that once asked to spell the name, they will usually have the right number of letters, but the wrong letters. For example, when I did this with some friends, they spelt "Alan" while looking. When they looked away, they spelt "GLHR". When talking to a Medium as to how the Spirit forgot it's name and spelt nothing, he relied with "The ghosts use your eyes to see what they're writing." When I asked him "If they need your eyes to see what they're writing, why is it that they can see us?". He didn't reply.


Other "paranormal forces" run on a similar method. Basically, there is the suggestion that something near by and so the person will acknowledge an object in the room that they think may be linked to the spirit, and that will cause them to subconsciously go towards it.


As you should now be able to see, most of these "paranormal" events can be easily explained via proven, reliable and rational psychological means and in my honest opinion, there is no such thing as "ghosts" or "spirits" because when ever there is a claim of one, there is always a perfectly reliable psychological explanation (anything from "Person faked it for attention" to "Ideomotor suggestion".)


Thank you for reading my blog, I hope to write many more. Please feel free to comment or write your own blogs. Thank you. (Link to PART 3 )

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