The Games

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*WARNING: This story contains graphic language of a gory nature. Not suitable for people with a nervous disposition.*

You know that one event you look forward to every year? Most people have one; my family and I share one which is fairly common: the Superbowl. Every year we crowd around our big screen TV with snacks, gazing intently from start to finish, not leaving our seats through even the commercials.


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Have you ever "heard things"? You know what I'm talking about? You think you hear something, but you never did? Like when you are in the shower, and you think you hear someone calling out, but there is no one there? Or you are at a party, and you hear your name?

Oh, no thats not some trick of the brain. If only it were.

No, that voice belongs to death himself. Always calling, hoping you will respond, hoping you will follow. I know that if you ignore it, continue to shrug it off as...

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